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This site has been setup for the information of members of the Craft
who may wish to visit a Lodge in Forbes and for the benefit of the public
in general who may be curious about the ancient fraternity of Masons.

What did these men have in common?
Rabbi Raymond Apple
Sir Donald Bradman
Alan Davidson
Smokey Dawson
Reg Gasnier
Sir James Hardy
Edward Hargraves
Sir Isaac Isaacs
Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith
Walter Lindrum
Bert Oldfield
John Oxley
Vic Patrick
Chips Rafferty
Roy (Mo) Rene
Sir Joseph Banks
Dr. T.J.Barnardo
Robbie Burns
Sir Malcolm Campbell
Walt Disney
Sir Alexander Fleming
Clark Gable
Rudyard Kipling
Prince Phillip
Theodore Roosevelt
Peter Sellers
John Wayne


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